5 Ways to Nurture Your Creativity

how to nurture creativity

Creativity is a force – a transcendent power that breathes life into our ideas, takes us beyond our conventional perspectives and invites us into a realm of untapped possibilities.

It's the spark for innovation, the engine that fuels progression in technology, arts, science, and nearly every aspect of life. It drives us to reimagine the world around us and devise novel solutions to old and new problems alike. Creativity isn’t bound by physical laws or societal norms; it thrives on curiosity and courage, navigating uncharted territories and pushing the boundaries of what's known and accepted.

Creativity also has a great impact on an individual level, nurturing personal growth and resilience. It empowers us to express ourselves, to understand and navigate our emotions, and to make sense of our life experiences. It fosters self-discovery and promotes mental wellbeing, providing an outlet for emotions and a platform for self-expression.

Beyond its role as an agent of change and a means of problem-solving, creativity also illuminates the path during times of uncertainty and hardship, reminding us of our innate capacity to adapt, grow, and shape our reality. Creativity reminds us of what’s possible – and what our imagination is capable of.

Here are a few of my favorite practices for cultivating creativity:

  1. Practice mindfulness: If you have always wanted to pursue a creative dream, or create with words or paint or an instrument, practicing mindfulness will enable you to improve your attention and focus. After all, this is what being an artist is all about – learning to pay attention. I use the Headspace app for guided meditation, but also enjoy active or moving practices such as tea meditation to switch gears when stress builds and return to the here and now.  
  2. Journal: Even if it’s just for five or 10 minutes a day, scribbling down my feelings (and knowing no one else has to see my words) helps me process my thoughts and get in touch with my own creativity. I like to switch things up a bit: some days I’ll free-write a couple pages, other days when I’m feeling I need a bit more direction, I use writing prompts to self-reflect.   
  3. Visit a new place: I’m a firm believer that our surroundings directly influence how we think, act and create. If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut, visit a new place. Travel is great, but even a walk around your neighborhood or a picnic in the park can be enough to cultivate creativity. Get out, get moving and get those creative juices flowing.
  4. Make your own tea blend: Concocting new tea blends reconnects me to my senses and reminds me of the beauty of the world around me. There’s no right or wrong way to this, just an intuitive draw to the aromas and flavors that inspire me. Pull from your spice cabinet or herb garden, and experiment with blending these ingredients with your favorite tea! In fact, making anything with your hands is a great way to flex your creative muscle.
  5. Make a playlist: Just as place can be influential in sparking creativity, so, too, can music. Decide what feeling, memory or mood you want to arouse and arrange your playlist accordingly. You might even consider sharing it with a friend in need of a bit of inspiration.

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