Full Moon Tea Ritual: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to do a full moon tea ritual

The Full Moon signals a time when we are able to take a clear look at what is happening in our lives so we can decide if we need to make changes. A Full Moon tea ritual provides the quiet space for this type of reflection. Read on to learn how to enjoy a Full Moon tea ritual with our guide.

Why Tea?

Tea is a really great way to bring a little ritual magic into your daily life.  

Even if you regularly make tea, you might not have ever considered that when you brew up a cup, you are connecting with the four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

Therefore, the simple act of sipping tea becomes a reflection of nature and the power it holds.

So, how are the elements represented in our humble cup of tea?

  • Earth: This element is represented by the tea itself through the leaves, seeds, roots, and flowers that you choose.
  • Water: This is the water you use to infuse your tea.
  • Fire: This element is present when you heat up your water.
  • Air: This is the steam and aromas you experience as your tea brews.

A fifth element – The Spirit – comes into play as you sip your tea and reflect on how it makes you feel, even subconsciously as you take your first sip.

As the Full Moon sets in, inviting you to reflect and release, consider practicing this simple full moon tea ritual to do just that.

How to Do a Full Moon Tea Ritual

Optional: Begin your ritual by calling the Watchtowers, Elements, Deities, or Saints to preside over the brewing of this drink.

  1. Choose a tea (opt for a caffeine-free herbal blend if you’re sensitive to caffeine) that inspires you in this moment.
  2. Heat your water to the appropriate temperature.
  3. Select a cup that you are drawn to and pay attention to the way it feels in your hands.
  4. Brew your tea with the water and meditate on your intentions or reflect on your life while they steep. As you steep your brew, repeat: “Earth, Fire, Water, Air” four times.
  5. When your tea is ready, take your cup outside or to a window that provides you with a view of the moon. Look up at the moon and say: “Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit: Be with me now on this Full Moon. Bless this cup and this tea. Let it warm my soul and keep me connected to you.”
  6. Sip mindfully and enjoy your tea. Reflect on what it is that is bringing you closer to your purpose and your desires, and on what you can do to release that what is not serving you. Finally, seal your ritual by repeating an affirmation that is meaningful to you in this moment.

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