Brewing Beauty: 7 Innovative Tea Hacks for Glowing Skin and Hair

tea hacks for beauty

Many dietitians recommend swapping out your morning cup of coffee or soda for a cup of tea to get an antioxidant-rich immunity boost.

But they’re not the only ones touting the drink’s benefits. Beauty enthusiasts, too, recommend adding tea to your skincare routine to reap its skin and hair health benefits. Check out a few ways you can use your spent tea leaves in DIY masks, sprays and scrubs for glowing, healthy skin.

Facial spritzer

No need to shell out for expensive water mists when you need a skin refresher. Simply used your spent green tea leaves! Steep them in room-temperature water overnight, strain and pour into a spray bottle (glass if possible). Spritz away whenever you need an antioxidant-infused pick-me-up or to cool sun-exposed skin. Store it in the fridge for up to three days.

DIY tea face mask

Whipping up a DIY mask? Add a bit of spent white or green tea to the mix; both types of tea have been studied to prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin in skin cells. You can also mix a bit of matcha powder with a small amount of water to create a paste.

Have a breakout? Consider using spent jasmine tea leaves, which are packed with anti-microbial properties that help to soak up excess oils.

Apply the tea paste on your face after washing and gently massage it for a minute. After the mask dries, rinse it with warm water (consider using a washcloth to remove it to prevent clogging your drain). Then say hello to soft, exfoliates skin.

Foot bath

Soothe your aching feet with a warm tea foot bath. Tea – particularly of the green variety – not only relaxes your leg muscles but helps to curb odors.

Body scrub

Steep fresh or spent tea leaves in half a cup of hot water and allow it to cool to room temperature. Mix one part tea with three parts sugar and rub on your body in the shower as an exfoliator. You can add also honey, lemon or yogurt to the mix for added health benefits.

Eye pack

For those mornings when you’re feeling particularly exhausted (and it shows on your skin), relieve under-eye puffiness with a bit of tea. Soak tea leaves in icy water, wrap them in a small piece of a paper towel or empty tea filter, and place them under your eyes for about 20 minutes. The chill will soothe eyes, the caffeine of the tea may ease swelling and the added bonus of a shot catnap will refresh the mind.

Hair shine enhancer

The tannins in black tea can play up natural brunette highlights, which can make hair appear shinier, while chamomile tea can brighten subtle blonde highlights. As an added bonus, research has found that catechins in tea help to enhance hair growth. Simply rinse your locks with the appropriate cooled brewed tea, wrap it in a towel and let it soak for half an hour before rinsing again and styling as usual.

Facial steam

Lemongrass tea is packed with vitamin A and C, nutrients that help keep your skin and hair glossy. It also has astringent properties which help to minimize your pores as well as keep your oil levels balanced. Use it as part of a facial steam once a week to open and cleanse pores. Simply add a tablespoon of lemongrass tea leaves to a small pot of boiling water. Being careful to not burn yourself, inhale the steam for one minute, and repeat as desired.

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