Which Tea Is Right For You?: A Blend for Every Zodiac Sign

A tea for every zodiac sign

Looking for a new go-to tea blend but not sure which one might be right for you? Why not choose based on your zodiac sign? Let the stars be your guide as you search for a new favorite. Read on to find out which brew is right for you.

Aires – The hot-tempered and hardworking Aires may find it difficult to have a peaceful night of sleep. Our Asleep Jet Lag Herbal Tea is sure to help you relax your restless mind and catch some good Zs.

Taurus –Tranquil Taurus is a lover of all things luxury. Our Buckingham Palace Garden Party black tea blend will make you feel like the royal that you are.

Gemini – This flexible, quick-witted air sign tends to savor zesty flavors like those in our Mango Mist fruity blend. You can be indecisive so take our word on this one.

Cancer – Cancers are quick to give affection to others, but shouldn’t forget to care for themselves, too. There’s no better tisane for these cozy, calm souls than our Egyptian Chamomile.

Leo – Strong and vivacious Leos aren’t necessarily quick to cool down but sipping on a floral blend can help. Your tea, dear Leo, is the perfumey China Jasmine with Flowers.

Virgo – Virgo’s sensual personality falls for floral blooms. Cherry Rose Rooibos Tea is sure to set the mood.

Libra – For the balanced ones who connect with nature, Wild Blackberry is a delight and possesses the right amount of tang to add some spice to your life.  

Scorpio – Your deep, mysterious personality should cherish the strong and bold flavors of our Indian Spiced Chai. It’s spicy, sassy and a little badass-y – just like you!

Sagittarius – Your warming personality loves a pop of flavors like those in our warm, citrusy Orange Spice Black Tea. It’s an one-of-a-kind blend that suits your unique personality.

Capricorn – This earth sign tends to prefer to keep things old school. And what’s more old school than a cup of classic Japan Sencha green tea? It’s energizing effect will help you keep up with your busy lifestyle.

Aquarius – These sensitive air signs are sometimes eccentric and forever a daydreamer, meaning you need a tea that complements your free-floating nature. We think you’ll find comfort in our fragrant Provence Rooibos.

Pisces – Compassionate and romantic Pisces savors flavors that invoke a sense of nostalgia and fun. Which is why you’ll relish our Apple Spice – a blend that instantly transports one to childhood.

Happy sipping, tea lovers!

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